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We help you find the best answer.

Sharing an idea. Collaborating on decisions. Creating and communicating a plan. Telling a story.

All of it is easier when you start off with the right questions and the best answers, not just an answer. We help organizations navigate that process during critical stages of editorial and internal communication projects — at the beginning of the planning process and finalizing material for publication.

How we help

Facilitating strategy

Groups struggle to reach agreement. Our workshops are designed to overcome inherent challenges in group communication and to facilitate fast decision-making. We help ensure everyone in the room is heard, and that your group thinks together using a transparent — and memorable — process.

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editing and coaching

When you write, you want to be heard. We can help you find the story that will engage your audience, and the details they’ll need to trust what you have to say. We work with all forms of nonfiction. We can edit and coach one-on-one or design a custom writing workshop to develop the skills your team needs. 

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designing information

We can learn a lot from data, but it can be hard to engage an audience in its findings. From reports to presentations to news and educational websites and special projects — from infographic to visualization to data dashboard — we can help you find the story and develop the right overall editorial strategy.


Writing is thinking. To write well is to think clearly. That’s why it’s so hard.
— David McCullough


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