Our first project: Pittsburgh campaign finance data

Ultimately, our goal with War Streets Media's first project is to bring transparency to the network of the city of Pittsburgh's political donors:

Who are the city's biggest donors? How are they distributing their money to local officials? When are their donations being given? How does the timing compare against other events — such as proposed legislation, contract awards or committee assignments? Where are the donors located? Are they residents of the city or do they live outside its jurisdiction? Are our elected officials receiving their funding from their constituents or are they influenced by outside interests?  

In addition to ensuring that the data we release is accurate and valuable, we’re also carefully thinking through how we present this information in its final form. Its visualization needs to be engaging, informative and useful. We hope to draw not just researchers to our work but also our neighbors, the kind of folks who don’t have time to sift through all the data to find the story it tells. 



AmyJo BrownComment