Grant's Hill

Our flagship publication, Grant’s Hill, is focused on power — the business of governing. We're following the money and tracking the influence, actions and decisions of our elected officials on Grant Street. Our reporting, both enterprise and investigative, will explain the how and the why behind the decisions they make. We'll also report on how Grant's Street's attention (or lack of) impacts the people and the neighborhoods of Pittsburgh. Behind this work is a suite of research tools we're developing that will help the community personalize the effects of those choices.

We're currently developing the first tool for Grant's Hill, the Public Ledger. An in-depth research tool, it tracks the political money flowing to public officials, organizing it into unique profiles for every donor. These visual dashboards tell stories about the timing, relationships and patterns of the donor's giving over current and historical election cycles. Our foundational dataset, mined from largely handwritten campaign reports filed in Allegheny County, contains 14,000-plus contributions to those running for Pittsburgh city offices, itemizing more than $9 million given over the last eight years. 

And counting.