War Streets Media



What is news? 

News is the inexact measure of the ebb and flow of the tides of human aspiration, the ignominy of mankind, the glory of the human race. It is the best record we have of the incredible meanness and the magnificent courage of man.
— Stanley Walker, author of City Editor, 1934

War Streets Media is a company designed to offer fact-finding and story, to document the incredible meanness and the magnificent courage of those who call Pittsburgh and Allegheny County home. An independent voice, its journalism will be featured alongside research tools that store and organize the community’s information in formats that make it more accessible, relevant and useful to a broad audience. Working without fear or favor, it serves, always, the public.

Launching soon: WSM's first publication, Grant's Hill, will cover the business of governing, going in-depth on stories of deal-making and decisions made by those elected to serve, showing how Grant Street's attention (or lack of) impacts the people and and the neighborhoods of the greater Pittsburgh community.