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Our team


editor / co-founder

AmyJo Brown’s excitement for city and county budgets, committee meetings and dusty shelves of public records is matched only by her happiness in the day’s first cup of coffee. An editor with more than 15 years experience as an investigative journalist, AmyJo coaches reporters and writers, works collaboratively with developers and designers on data projects, and designs revenue and audience strategies for both product and editorial, coordinating with the executive teams who oversee it all. Grounded in shoe-leather techniques throughout, she is always evaluating how to achieve the ultimate goal: Telling stories that honestly get our audience's attention.


developer / co-founder

A versatile reporter and editor for more than a decade before becoming a software engineer, co-founder Jacob Quinn Sanders is just as comfortable getting secret financial documents in a fast-food parking lot in the middle of the desert as he is writing code in the service of booze availability and campaign-finance transparency. East Coast, West Coast, the South — all have been home at home at one time or another. Based in Pittsburgh since 2010, he reimagined crucial workflows and content strategies at the region's largest news operation as prelude to a jump into tech, writing software relied on during statewide emergencies. His experience in journalism, product and technology helps shape the work produced by WSM. 



We work with a number of contributors. Depending on each project's needs, we pull from our network of colleagues to help put the right project team together for each client.